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Welcome to the Email Assist website! The idea of this site is simple: We’re here to help people to not be afraid of email. Search within the menu tabs above, and you’ll find powerful tools to help protect yourself from unwanted email, enable you to take control of your inbox, and educate you about using email with confidence.


Our people-friendly website is driven by passionate email marketers who want to help restore email trust and control. We pride ourselves on being a different kind of website that is committed to changing the way you perceive and interact with email.


Spam and Email Safety 

Learn how to navigate the world of email without any fear. We cover tips and advice on how to manage attachments and your inbox, file a spam complaint, while steering clear of phishing. 


Your Rights As A Subscriber 

It's your inbox, take control and get what you want. We provide you with all you need to get the emails you want,  unsubscribe from those you don't, identify safe emails, and update your information and email address. 


Time-Saving Email Tips 

You don't want to spend all day sorting through emails, take these tips from us to trim down your inbox, including:  managing your inbox, using webmail, email on your phone, and tips for managing multiple accounts. 




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